Wellness Bundle

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Our bundle includes our best selection of products to help you get a head start on your wellness this year, all stored in a sturdy travel-friendly Dopp kit:

- 5 or 10 of our best-selling Nightly Sleep Patches

- a Weighted Lavender Scented Sleep Mask

- 12 Sandalwood Incense Sticks with a Premium Glass Incense Holder

- a Soothing Essential Oil Roll-on Bottle


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Bundle includes:

-Nightly Sleep Patches: Fall Asleep Faster, and Wake Up Refreshed with your choice of 5 or 10 of our best-selling Nightly Sleep Patches. Say goodbye to morning grogginess.

-Weighted Lavender Scented Sleep Mask: Sleep Better and Relax through the deep pressure stimulation of our Weighted and Lavender Scented Sleep Mask. Can be used hot or cold for an added therapeutic effect. The ideal companion to a perfect night's sleep. 

-Incense Set: Stimulate Your Senses with our Premium Incense Set - 12 incense sticks with a soothing Sandalwood scent that's smooth, creamy, and earthy - all at once.  Comes with a stylish Handblown Glass Holder. The perfect set for a calming atmosphere.

-Essential Oil: Alleviate Daily Stress and Anxiety with our DEEPS-formulated Coconut Blend 10ml Essential Oil Roll-on Bottle. Sized for travel, designed to relax you.

-Travel Toiletry Bag: Fall Asleep in Style. All items come packaged in a handy, reusable pouch made from durable Tyvek material. Because traveling doesn't mean compromising on sleep.


Sleep Patch: 

  • Apply patch to the underside of your wrist before bedtime—try to alternate wrists each night
  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. (You can wear the patch up to 12 hours.)
  • Wake up feeling great, with no groggy or medicated feeling

Incense Set: 

  • Place an incense stick on the holder. 
  • Light the tip of the incense stick and blow out the flame 
  • Place the incense in the center or corner of a room, do not place in proximity of face, within reach distance of children or of pets

Essential Oil: 

  • Gently rub essential oil for 2-3 seconds into pressure points such as your temples, wrists, third eye, back of neck, and behind the ears

Sleep Mask: 

  • Warm: Microwave for 30 seconds before use
  • Cold: Keep in freezer for 4+ hours before use
  • To clean, remove the filling pouch from the interior of the mask, wash the exterior in cold water and hang dry. Interior filling pouch spot clean only.

Deeps really cares about sleep and it shows across their product line, not just in their core products.

"The sleep mask fabric is really soft in a comforting way. It stays on all night and the strap doesn't bother me at all"

Naturally-derived • Drug-free • Cruelty-free • Not tested on animals • Vegan • Non-GMO • Gluten-free • Naturally-derived • Drug-free • Cruelty-free • Not tested on animals • Vegan • Non-GMO • Gluten-free •