Sleep scientifically

Get a perfect night’s sleep in a scientist-formulated patch

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  • Fall asleep faster

    Formulated by scientists and doctors with powerful, natural ingredients that really work.

  • Sleep better all night

    Designed to release the ingredients slowly throughout the night.

  • Wake up rested and restored

    Naturally-derived ingredients leave you feeling rested, not groggy and medicated.

Natural ingredients, scientifically selected

Our formulas use high-quality ingredients like melatonin, targeted cannabinoids, and adaptogens—all chosen by scientists and doctors to help you sleep better and feel calm, clear, and rested.

Our Formula

A ritual you can stick with

Just peel and stick our patch to the underside of your wrist before bedtime. You’ll be sound asleep in no time.

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Made by geeks who used to suck at sleep

We love sleep, but we’re horrible at it. That’s why we started DEEPS—to make a sleep patch that really works, so we can use it ourselves.

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