Nightly Sleep Patch

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Made with naturally-derived Shoden® ashwagandha and melatonin, our Nightly Sleep patch is proven to support your circadian rhythm so you wake up without any grogginess.


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  • Formerly known as The Sleep Patch, our Nightly Sleep patch features the same formula & ingredients you know and love—just with a new name. 
  • Formulated by scientists, doctors, and biomedical engineers, with only naturally-derived, clinically-studied, and high-quality ingredients.
  • Sustained release technology allows the ingredients within the patch to release slowly, so you feel the effects all night long.
  • Soft, light, biodynamic fabric moves with you and breathes easily throughout the night.
  • Note: Our 20 Patch set ships without a metal tin to help maximize your savings and offer a more sustainable, volume option if you're looking to stock up on Sleep Patches.  
  • Apply patch to the underside of your wrist before bedtime—try to alternate wrists each night
  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. (You can wear the patch up to 12 hours.)
  • Wake up feeling great, with no groggy or medicated feeling
Shoden® Ashwagandha8mg
Valerian Root3mg
Cosmoperine (Black Peppercorn Extract)1mg
Lemon Balm0.5mg

"Sleep supplements such as melatonin gummies make me feel really groggy when I wake up. With these patches, I woke up feeling rested, and don't even remember falling asleep!" - Brooke F.

"I am a chronic bad sleeper who feels exhausted after a bad night of sleep, and these have definitely made a difference. " - Ashley C.

"These patches have been a lifesaver—I'm waking up feeling rested, and not groggy like other sleeping aids have made me feel." - Lauren R.

Naturally-derived • Drug-free • Cruelty-free • Not tested on animals • Vegan • Non-GMO • Gluten-free • Naturally-derived • Drug-free • Cruelty-free • Not tested on animals • Vegan • Non-GMO • Gluten-free • 


Our patches are the brainchildren of scientists, made with research, not guesswork or unfounded beliefs.


Non-habit forming and zero drugs added, because nature does it best.

Engineered Excellence

Our formula ensures prompt absorption, powered by our slow-release technology.

Clinically-tested & Made in the USA

Our patches undergo rigorous lab-testing for purity, and are proudly produced under cleanroom conditions in the USA.

The Formula

High-quality ingredients to help you sleep better and feel calm, clear, and rested.

For sleep


4 mg


3 mg

For stress

Shoden® Ashwagandha

8 mg


1 mg

For balance


5 mg

Lemon Balm

0.5 mg


1 mg



Why a patch?

It’s just better. Pills and capsules release their ingredients all at once. Our patch is engineered to release ingredients slowly throughout the night, so you can drift off to sleep gently and sleep better all night. We think it’s just a lot more pleasant, too.

When should I apply it?

Anytime before bedtime. We think 30-60 minutes before is optimal, so you get that heavy-eyelid feeling right when your head touches your pillow.

How long does it work?

Up to 12 hours, or until you wake up and remove it. Just try to use it when you have enough time to get a full night’s sleep—whatever that is for you.

Will it make me feel groggy the next day?

Everybody’s different, but we’ve found that melatonin delivered through the skin can lessen side effects like intense dreams or grogginess in some melatonin-sensitive people. Plus, our team of scientists and doctors formulated our Sleep Patch with just the right amount of naturally-derived ingredients to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up rested.


We made a Spotify playlist to help you drift off to sleep gently. Though we admit, it's more art than science.