Sleep 101
Sleep Awareness Month

Does daylight savings time negatively affect us?

TLDR: yes and no.

44% of U.S. residents prefer daylight savings time all year round.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says Standard Time is better aligned with human circadian biology. 

The Journal of Environmental Psychology found that DST increased pedestrian activity by 62% because of additional daylight. 

Most people receive 40 fewer minutes of sleep on the Monday after "Spring Forward."


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We made a sleep patch without hemp, and we added a thoroughly researched star ingredient: Shoden® Ashwagandha

A National Library of Medicine study showed a 72% increase in self-reported sleep quality by only changing one thing: taking ashwagandha for six weeks. 


Our favorite ways to hit the hay...

Respond to this email with your most relaxing ways to ease into sleep and we'll share them in our next newsletter! 

"I love the Nothing Much Happens podcast, it puts me to sleep every time." - Sophia, Senior Copywriter 

"A sleep patch, reading for 30 min and then falling asleep to the Manhattan traffic." - Rahul, Co-founder

"Ok, this isn't a plug, but I really do use our sleep patches when I have trouble staying asleep." - Carter, Co-founder 

Our sources: 
Monmouth University
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
The Journal of Environmental Psychology 
American Psychological Association
National Library of Medicine

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